Today, as many as 42 million Americans lack access to broadband internet. In today’s technology-driven world, broadband has become a basic necessity. Like water and electricity, it is one of the essential tools to run an effective farming and ranching operation, open up markets for American products and businesses to compete globally, deliver effective health care services, allow America’s students to reach their full potential and provide veterans the services and opportunities they deserve.

It’s time to eliminate the digital divide – and we can do it by supporting a mixed-technology, all-of-the-above approach that includes fiber, satellite and wireless technologies, leveraging a range of frequencies including TV white spaces. By adopting solutions that maximize spectrum resources, improve mapping data and support technology neutral deployments, we can get millions of Americans connected rapidly and in the most cost-effective manner possible to completely close the broadband gap.

Connect Americans Now (CAN) is a Microsoft support community of more than 250 organizations and companies representing voices for agriculture, health care, education, small business, technology, veterans, rural advocacy and more — committed to completely and swiftly eliminating the digital divide in America by supporting a mixed-technology approach that leverages the full potential of every tool in the nation’s toolkit.

The Impact: Rural America’s Broadband Gap

Broadband-enabled telemedicine allows patients to access specialists and benefit from advanced monitoring services – saving lives in rural communities.

Closing the digital divide will provide millions of students with the same educational opportunities as their suburban counterparts, empowering them to become more informed in critical areas like math and science so they can thrive in their local communities.

Broadband brings the promise of precision agriculture and remote monitoring equipment – helping farmers optimize irrigation, conserve resources and increase yields.

High-speed internet access enables rural small businesses to expand their customer base and attract new industries to rural communities.

Join our fight to bring broadband to all rural Americans. Tell Washington to take action to bridge the digital divide now!

Remember When Websites Took Forever to Load?

For students living all across rural America, that’s still their every day reality.

Without access to high speed internet, these students won’t have the opportunity to complete homework assignments or fill out college applications.

Closing the digital divide will provide millions of students with the same opportunities as the rest of Americans.

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