WATCH: Rural Americans Share Their Stories on the Impact of the Digital Divide

Last month, Connect Americans Now joined members of the National Grange to discuss the impact of the digital divide on their communities and policies being advanced and weighed in Washington to expand broadband connectivity in rural areas.

For Alexis and other students in Custer, Washington, keeping up in school meant trying to overcome a lack of broadband access, often only being able to submit papers by getting to the school library early.

Wayne from central Pennsylvania explains how the digital divide impacts rural communities — especially hampering economic development and blocking access to telehealth solutions for seniors.

And Lorri from Fallon, Nevada notes too many students stuck behind the homework gap “are falling behind, some of them give up.”

Watch Alexis, Wayne and Lorri share their experience with the digital divide in their communities here:

Rural Americans need policymakers to continue supporting innovative broadband solutions, hybrid network deployments and policies to maximize spectrum resources to close the broadband gap.

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