Connect Americans Now State of the Union Response

February 5, 2019
Contact: Zachary Cikanek
[email protected]


Washington, D.C. – Connect Americans Now Executive Director Richard T. Cullen released the following statement in response to President Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address:

“Bridging the rural broadband gap represents a rare opportunity for bipartisan cooperation. We are disappointed President Trump did not raise this critical issue that impacts millions of rural Americans every day in this evening’s State of the Union Address. Bringing broadband access to rural America remains an opportunity for Democrats and Republicans to work together toward a common goal. An initial non-controversial step in this mission would be removing the regulatory barriers limiting investments in TV white spaces technology, and we hope the Federal Communications Commission will work quickly to deliver results to the American people.”

About Connect Americans Now 

Connect Americans Now is a group of concerned citizens, local organizations, rural advocates and leading innovators committed to eliminating the digital divide that is holding back rural America. Our goal is to bring rural Americans who currently lack connectivity safe and affordable broadband access by 2022 so they can take advantage of the economic and educational opportunities that exist in other communities.


Join our fight to bring broadband to all rural Americans. Tell Washington to take action to bridge the digital divide now!